Blitz Party Live students playing a stage challenge

Attention: student ministry pastor! Students are unforgotten by a loving Father. Fused into the dance party atmosphere of Blitz Party is a message to students of Jesus’ love and that they are unforgotten and valued. Never preachy, this student ministry event is non-stop action and gets right to the point of how the Prodigal Son’s father threw a party when he returned. Jesus is throwing a party. Are you coming?


From Breaking The Hex
by The Fields Brothers

Jesus told a story about a boy who ran away from home. 

He was a punk, probably a high school student, who asked his dad for his inheritance because he didn’t want to wait until his dad died to get his cash. 

The dad gave him the money and he took off to Las Vegas where he squandered it all on partying.
He ended up broke working a job slopping hogs. He was hungry and wanted to eat the pig food, but the farm owner wouldn’t let him.

So the rude son put a plan together. He decided to go back home to his dad, admit his sin and ask to work on the farm as a servant.

He cut across a field as he got close to home.
His dad spotted him in the field.
The dad then did something shocking.
Something unthinkable in that day.

The dad ran across the field toward his son.
(Not good.) 

In that day men didn’t run unless they first “girded their loins.” In other words, they first put their underwear on.
Running with your flapping robe  was a shameful thing for a man to do. 

You get the picture. 

The dad did something in that day that was even more shameful than the son running away from home. The dad trumped his son’s shame thereby erasing itThe dad didn’t care. His son was coming home and that was all that mattered to him.

The dad hugged his son and started toward the house. The son tried to get his speech out, “Dad, I have sinned and I’m not worthy to be called your son and…” 

The dad interrupted the boy’s speech.  

But wait a minute! 

What happened to the part about being a servant on the farm? Didn’t the dad have farm work that needed doing?
Apparently, farm work was not the dad’s top priority. 

He just wanted his son home. He loved his son. 


He gave his kid new clothes, a new ring, new shoes and organized a party

The dad didn’t need more servants. He just wanted his son home.  

That’s still true. 

Who does the dad represent? God. 

Who does the stupid kid represent? Us. 


God wants YOU, just YOU.

He does not want you for what you can do for Him. 

(Back up! Read that again. PLEASE!)

He just wants us. Farm chores can wait. 

We are sons first, not servants. 

We can/do serve out of love for our Dad, 

but we are NOT primarily servants. 

God is NOT our employer. We are sons. 

WHY do we think of ourselves primarily as 

God’s servants instead of royal sons? 

Do you really think your service in the church 

is what makes you valuable to God? 

Is that why you think God keeps you around, to do farm chores? 

STOP thinking of yourself as primarily God’s servant

You are not God’s farm hand; you are God’s kid. 

Everyday I run across the field in my mind. 

I see it. I would be happy being a servant for God. 

He will have nothing of it. 

He runs across the field heading straight at me. 

He scoops me up and takes me back to the 

house for a celebration. DAD throws a party.

I am His.

Who is the son crossing the meadow?

Who gets scooped up by DAD?

Who gets celebrated without condemnation?

You. (That’s who.)

Your Father is throwing a party to celebrate YOU! You comin’?